Ivor Phillips Sculptors | Services
Ivor Phillips Sculptors are a long standing company of stone masons and sculptors providing quality crafted memorials and headstones for people in Aberdare and the surrounding areas.
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Memorial Designs & Headstones

A memorial is a lasting tribute that acknowledges the life of your loved one.

Ivor Phillips Sculptors can help you to design a memorial that will be the perfect tribute to that special person.

Their staff will be more than happy to show you the different designs and materials available and advise you about any aspect of choosing and engraving the gravestone. With years of experience, you can be sure that every customer is treated in a professional yet caring and sensitive manner.

All of the services that you would expect from a monumental mason are available at Ivor Phillips, not just a choice of hundreds of new memorials.

They regularly carry out renovations and add inscriptions to existing stones as well as supplying all of the accessories that sometimes need replacing with the passage of time.

Ceramic photographs can be supplied and fitted to both new and existing memorials and house names and commemorative tablets can be produced to order.

Ivor Phillips Sculptors offer a complete service, they take care of every aspect of buying and fixing memorials.